Safety Cover Templates

For the best fit on a replacement safety cover, take advantage of Tara's "Bag-It-Up" program. Don't go through the trouble of measuring and mapping out the anchor locations or drilling new anchors for the replacement cover. Simply, ship your old safety cover to Tara, free of charge. Tara will use the old safety cover as a template. Your Tara replacement safety cover will fit in the same position as the original. Here's how it works:

Bag-it-up Template program

Less Hassle • Free Shipping • Fast Turnaround

Step 1.
Contact Tara's RMA department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 256-725-2500 ext. 328. They will issue you an RMA number and send a shipping bag for your old safety cover.


Step 2.
When your shipping bag arrives, fold your old cover until it will fit inside. Once you put it in the bag, cinch the bag tight and tie it shut. NOTE: If you would like to keep the hardware, you should remove it before you put it in the bag. Otherwise, you can leave it on the cover.

RMA Bag Front2

Step 3.
Write the RMA number on the return address label on the bag and send it back to Tara. To send it back you can drop it off at your local distributor.

RMA Bag Label


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