The Tara Promise

We promise to use the highest quality materials and processes to make our products more durable and longer-lasting.


We invest in the finest quality virgin vinyl, better manufacturing processes, and staff to ensure that are we producing products that will be long-lasting and durable.

Highest Quality Materials

The materials used in the manufacturing of vinyl pool liners are very important to the durability of the liner. That is why we choose to use only top-grade virgin vinyl in our pool liners.

Rigorous Quality Control Standards

Our pool liners are manufactured under rigorous quality control standards and are specifically formulated to meet or exceed the following pool requirements:

  • High strength and durability
  • Low temperature flexibility (cold crack)
  • Resistance to algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Excellent dimensional stability

All Tara vinyl meets or exceeds the standards of the CFFA (Chemical Fabrics and Film Association). We have a 10 point quality assurance check on every liner produced. Quality checks begin at the time your order is placed and continues through to shipping.

Tougher Shipping Boxes

We guarantee the highest quality product. To help ensure there is no damage to your liner while being shipped we have a superior box design that features:

  • 80% more cardboard
  • Rigid structural design
  • Layered corrugated panels
  • Useful tips and information printed on the top
  • 43% recycled material

Automated Processes

Our processes are automated from start to finish. We have a custom designed order entry system to ensure accurate data entry. The liner is then designed using the latest AutoCAD technology along with custom developed software to ensure a precision design which gives your liner a perfect fit every time. The liner is then produced using the most innovative custom built equipment in the industry.

Experienced Staff

Quality people drive our quality. Most employees have been with Tara for more than 15 years. Our employees have a genuine sense of pride and ownership in the product they produce. We have a great sense of family throughout the company.

Best Fitting Liners

Many durability issues are caused by the fit of a pool liner. We take the fit of our liners very seriously and have produced tools that will help installers with the measuring and installation of our pool liners. We also provide education on how the thickness of a pool liner can affect fit. While there has been a growing trend in our industry to sell thicker, 27 mil (also referred to as 30 mil) liners, the thicker liner is not necessarily more durable and can actually have negative effects on the fit of the liner. While we recommend the industry standard 20 mil liner, all of our liners are manufactured to fit well and we provide the resources installers need to ensure that fit.

Tara Time

At Tara, we operate on Tara Time. What do we mean by Tara Time? It is our dedication to producing high quality products at very fast turnaround times. It is our goal to be the fastest, most efficient pool liner and cover manufacturing company in our industry. We were the first pool liner manufacturer to offer a shipping guarantee, ensuring that our products were being delivered on time as promised. We still stand behind that guarantee and will pay the freight costs if we do not ship the product by the ship date we give the customer. We are confident in our manufacturing processes and our Tara Time promise.

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