From Consumers

  • testimonials"Hi. Just wanted to let the folks at Tara know that the replacement liner we ordered to replace our damaged liner was installed today. We ordered the replacement during the winter months and have waited patiently for warmer weather and the install date to come with great anticipation. We love the new liner design and the new liner fit perfectly. The installers even commented not only about the quality of the liner but how easy the install went given the number of angles and variable depths of a sport pool...it seems they generally expect some issues with liners not fitting just right and have to rely on stretching. This wasn't the case with the Tara liner which went in without a hitch, looks great and hope to have it last well beyond the warranty period. We just wanted to say thanks for great experience with the warranty claim, Tara keeping the measurements on file, the craftsmanship of the new liner and quick shipping once we ordered. We wouldn't think of putting any other liner in our existing pool and recommend you guys to any of our friends considering an inground pool with a liner."

    Chris and Ronda, Homeowners - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


    • testimonials"It's a perfect fit! I couldn't believe it, it fit like a glove!"
      Steve, Homeowner - Huntsville, Al

    • testimonials"Our liner is a beautiful rich color, we are very pleased with it."

    • testimonials"Our new liner is absolutely beautiful and the fit is terrific. Our first liner should have been a Tara."

    • testimonials"We are very pleased with the quality and prompt delivery of our new liner."

    From Dealers/Distributors

    • testimonials-dealers "I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your look for tabs.  That is a great idea. Last month we installed a Gemini (not the easiest pool) pool which you made the liner for. I began by finding your look for tabs, placing them on my break, and then installed the rest of the liner. I didn’t have to shift the liner one inch! It fit perfectly the first time.  That is amazing for a free form pool like a Gemini. Tell the person who came up with that idea that I appreciate it."
      Jeff, Pleasure Pools - Portland, TN

    • testimonials "I just wanted to let you know that we dropped that 42'x75' liner today. Congrats, it fit like a glove.  Vacuumed it down, kicked the slack around where it needed to be and there wasn't a wrinkle anywhere.  The corners fit perfectly, if they were more than a half inch off, I couldn't tell.  This is the quality that I expect from my liner manufacturer and the quality that y'all never fail to deliver.  I know that this was probably a headache to fit in to your schedule and I just wanted to commend you on a job well done. Thank you for all that you do to keep us construction/remodel guys working at a steady pace."
      Doyle, Doyle Scott Construction - Rainsville, AL

    • testimonials-dealers "Tara is a great company to work with. I’ve only one problem in three years. It was fixed expertly in one day by your customer service department, without delay."
      Jay, Caribbean Pools - Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • testimonials-dealers "We want to express our appreciation for all your quality liners and service last season. We look forward to purchasing our liners from Tara again this year. Our only regret is that we didn't begin purchasing from you sooner"
      Sylvian Shank, Shank Swimming Pools - Ondensburg, NY

    • testimonials "I have used Tara Liners for years and have always received excellent service. I have never had a seam failure on a Tara Liner. I would recommend that anyone in the liner business use Tara Liners. All of my liners, both new and replacement, come 100% from Tara. The staff at Tara have always been very helpful and friendly with any questions or problems I have had."
      Robert Fincher, Fincher Pools - Statesboro, Ga

    • testimonials-dealers "You guys are fantastic! When you told me I could get my liner in 1 week I did not believe it. Other companies are running about 4 weeks."

    • testimonials "I had a liner the other day that fit perfect. I mean perfect. It was an odd liner that was out of square. The job was about 60 miles away from me and I was afraid I would have problems and have to drive back and forth. It fit the first time. I was proud of you. "

    • testimonials-dealers"I am going to write Marshall a letter to tell him what a great job Tara is doing this year. I am usually one to complain, but I havenit had any trouble this year. Liners are fitting better than ever and even the steps fit great. I couldnit believe that liner for the home made pool fit. It has really been a pleasure working with you guys this year. "

    • testimonials"I want to compliment you on my liner for the #### job. There were a lot of measurements for this liner and you did a great job on this one. Iive already bought about 30 liners this year and I’m planning to but about 60 more. You will continue to get my orders. Keep up the good work. "

    • testimonials-dealers"I have never gotten a bad liner from you. Homeowners are looking around for a good quality liner. They are doing research before buying their liner. Tara is getting a good reputation for having good quality. I keep hearing good things about your company."

    • testimonials"I am writing to tell you that I think you guys are doing a terrific job this year. Amy and Leslie always get up pricing and quotes rapidly and return phone calls promptly. I believe that Tara sets a standard in our industry for quality and fast lead times that few, if any, can match. "


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