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Replacement Safety Covers


Replacing an old safety cover can be a difficult task. Matching a new cover to the existing anchor locations is often the most challenging part of the process. It requires detailed measurements of the safety cover and all of the anchor locations. Obviously, taking that many measurements takes a great deal of time and effort. Luckily, there is another way. Tara’s easy remake program takes all of the hassle and frustration out of replacing an old safety cover because we take care of the measuring.


Tara takes a lot of the stress and hassle out of sending in safety cover templates. First, you can request one of our easy-to-use shipping bags or pick one up at your distributor. The large mesh template bag is bigger than a normal cover bag so you can fit the cover, springs and all, in without a struggle. We don't charge you extra if you leave the springs on. When you contact our RMA department they’ll give you a RMA number. You simply write the number on the shipping label that is already attached to the cover. Then just drop it off at your distributor for free shipping to Tara.


Tara’s expert team will professionally measure your safety cover template so you don’t have to. Our process ensures your new safety cover will fit the pool, just like the original. You’ll be able to use the same anchor locations and drill less new holes in the deck. Please keep in mind, sometimes straps have to be moved on the new cover. We may have to move the straps in situations such as; the cover material is different than the original, if there have been changes to the pool or to bring a safety cover into compliance with ASTM standards.


We pride ourselves on providing you with the fastest turnaround on quotes. When you request a quote we strive to get it out the same day, usually within hours. On templates, once the old cover comes in we measure it and send you a quote that day or the following day. With every quote, we give you the price for standard mesh, HD mesh and solid. Once you approve your quote, your order will ship in 5-7 days. You can track your order online using Tara 24/7 our online order system.

Custom Labels

Don't forget to send us your logo so we can add it to your safety cover orders with our Free Custom Labels! Designed to help you generate more business from your existing customers, the high quality printed label is stitched to the cover in the shallow end where it will be most visible. It features your logo and contact information in full color. When its time to open the pool in the spring, the pool owner will have the your company name and number readily available. 

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