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Tara’s Stain Barrier is a coating that is designed to protect your liner from stains that occur below the waterline.

Most often, these dark colored stains that appear on the wall and floor of the pool are the result of micro-organisms that live on the wall and in the soil around your pool. These micro-organisms secrete a dye that can permeate the vinyl and show up on the water side of the liner. Stain Barrier inhibits the growth of these micro-organisms. When applied properly before installing the liner it is the most effective deterrent available.

If you have experienced staining below the waterline of your liner or if you live in an area with a high water table, contact your Tara Authorized Dealer about protecting your pool with Stain Barrier. Also, see our recommendations for treating Bacteria and Fungus.


How Stain Barrier Protects Your Liner

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