Tara Measuring Tools

Tara's new line of measuring tools can help you get better measurements in less time and with fewer resources.

Tara Anchor Locator

Tara Anchor Locator

This device gives you the most accurate measurements for safety cover anchor locations. Save yourself the time of manually measuring anchor locations or the hassel of shipping an old messy cover in for measuring. Using a simple 1 ½” PVC pipe and a level you can get laser accurate measurements of safety cover anchor locations in less than half the time.

  • Range: 30 Meters
  • Accuracy: 1/2 Inch
  • Includes: Case, Levels and Laser Glasses
  • Oprerating System: Apple iOS 12 or Later
Tara A-B App

Tara A-B App

One of the biggest mistakes in A-B point to point measuring is writing down the wrong measurement. The Tara Measuring App eliminates entry errors by plotting points as you go. See bad measurements instantly so you can correct them before you leave the job-site.
  • Easy to use 

  • Fewer measuring mistakes

  • Plots points as you go

  • Visualization of pool shape

  • Check measurements on the fly

  • Place order from device

Tara Laser 2

Tara Laser 2

The fastest, most accurate way to measure pools is now even better. The Tara Laser II is an automated pool measuring system that uses two lasers to scan the perimeter of the pool in as little as 3.5 minutes. Now with two scan modes you can get quick perimeter scans or highly detailed scans for complex pool shapes. Get a better fit than you ever thought possible thanks to the incredible detail and accuracy of the Tara Laser II.

  • Range: 50 Meters
  • Accuracy: 1/4 or Less
  • Dual Scan Modes: Quick or High Def Scanning
  • Scan Time: 3 Min. or 7 Min. 
  • Includes: Case, Tripod, Laser Glasses and 4 Markers
  • Oprerating System: Apple iOS 12 or Later

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