The Tara Laser

Precise accurate measurements quickly and with less setup.

The Tara Laser automated pool measuring system gives you precise accurate measurements quickly and with less setup. Unlike traditional methods of measuring pools, the Tara Laser requires little time or attention to detail. You do not have to know how to measure a pool or use complicated equipment. The system is simple and effective. Whether you are an experienced pool professional or a novice, you can gather all the measurements you need in a matter of minutes. The Tara Laser delivers the most detailed measurements possible. Eliminate the hassle of traveling back and forth to the job site for more measurements. A quick scan by the Tara Laser, will provide us all the measurements we need to create even the most complicated pool shapes.

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"Tara’s representative, Kim Mitten, came out and did a presentation. We used the laser to measure a pool that had been a major pain. After several attempts to A-B measure it, it was still not right. It only took about 30 minutes to measure it with the laser. Yay! It was great and it is well worth the price. We are doing so many more liners this year. I cant even imagine how many more we would do if we advertised that we used the Laser!"

- Keith, Complete Pool Restoration


The Tara Laser can be set up in less than five minutes. An average pool can be completely scanned in less than 20 minutes. Compare this with the hours a complicated A-B/point-to-point measurement process can take.


One person with little experience can set up and measure a pool in a matter of minutes. It is easy to learn and use.


The Tara Laser scans the entire perimeter of the pool, plotting each point, to give you the most accurate detailed measurements possible.

Cost Effective

The Tara Laser allows you to measure more pools, more accurately, in less time and with less experienced employees. One or two pools measured incorrectly would easily pay for the Tara Laser system.

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