Why Buy a Tara Cover

Tara safety covers give you everything; safety, durability and beauty.

It makes sense to invest in one pool cover that will meet all your needs rather than several that don't last or don't perform. Here are few reasons why you should choose a Tara Safety Cover:

Designed to Withstand Harsh Weather

Each of our mesh and solid safety covers meet or exceed ASTM standards and are designed and engineered to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. We invest in premium materials to make our covers more durable.

Built Specifically for Your Pool

Each Tara safety pool cover is built to fit the specific needs of your unique pool. Using the latest design software and uncompromising craftsmanship, your Tara safety cover will fit perfectly and look beautiful for years. Raised walls, spas, stairs and other features can be incorporated into the design to ensure that all gaps are covered and secure. Your safety is our primary goal. There is no better safety cover available, because Tara is setting a new standard for protection.

Created to be Stronger and More Durable

Your family and pets can't be too safe so we don't think our safety covers can be too strong. We spent several years developing a safety cover that would be stronger and more durable than any other cover on the market.

Tara's unique safety cover design features an extra layer of webbing across the bottom of the cover. This reinforces every seam by sandwiching it between the webbing. Next we hemmed the edges of every panel to strengthen each panel. We also use the most heavy-duty spring in the industry. This spring resists fatigue and keeps your pool tightly secured after years of installation and removal.

To test the design of our new safety cover we had an independent laboratory put it through a battery of tests. The Tara safety covers not only met the requirements for ASTM certification but exceeded them.

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